Trend Micro

Designing brand new design language for Trend Micro consumer products.

Pinterest concept

Pinterest with Material design concept. See more detail on Behance.

Topick app

Topick rescures you from embarrassing moment and generates topic for you.

Credit Card Checkout

Play around different input experience.

Discoin app

Hackathon project! Save money by being popular.

Sound on animation

Prototyping for sound icon.

Tangible Toy / iPad app

This study aimed at 3~6 years old children to design a children’s learning app with tangible toys on the tablet. I based on Frobel and Montessori’s tactile learning theory and combine tangible toys with a tablet to provide a new type of interactive learning experience

Chinese Characters Recombination

Lego is a brick game involving construction and deconstruction. Our goal is to incorporate the similar fun of Lego game into the combination of Chinese words. Through our work, children's memory of words can be improved by hands-on practice, 3-D characters and animation.

Interactive ladybug

To make the ladybug moveable, we were using Arduino to control the motor. And we created an user interface so that we can quickly change ladybug direction real-time.

Multi-touch table

Creating this interactive installation start from scratch!

iGaGa-poker face

Using Arduino to control four LED lights.

Kid's Fantasy

Interactive art installation. Using Flash ActionScript 3.0, Arduino and processing to detect user's action and behavior.